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Meriel Goss




Meriel is a certified Trauma Centre, Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY-F) facilitator keen to form a therapeutic alliance with people facing the on-going somatic and emotional impact of surviving traumas. She practices alongside you without judgement, prescription or diagnosis.

Meriel is a Crisis Worker at New Pathways Carmarthen & Aberystwyth SARC supporting people who have experienced rape and sexual violence.

Meriel is a trainee Adlerian psychotherapy counsellor. Adlerian counselling explores how your past interacts with your choices and relationships now. This approach encourages you to reflect on your experiences, notice your strengths and examine how you relate to others and situations in the present.

Meriel is a BWY certified Yoga teacher and facilitates general yoga and meditation weekly classes and retreats too. These include breathing techniques to regulate your nervous system and address the general stress imbalances of daily life. These sessions are open to the public. If you are more interested in a general class please see

Meriel is an advocate of creating trauma-informed spaces and practices. She gives trainings on C-PTSD, TCTSY and vicarious trauma to individuals and organisations. Clients include MIND, DDAS, CAMHS Ceredigion & Barnardo's Wales Child Trafficking team.

Meriel finds solace in nature and being outside. She likes being creative and finds doodling, improvising, journalling and art-making soothing and interesting. Meriel is happy to encourage and resource you to express yourself creatively, if that feeling arises for you in session.

Meriel joined the International cohort of TCTSY facilitators 2021 at The Centre for Trauma and Embodiment's to review its Code of Ethics from formed the basis of The CfTE's 'Ways of Being' training for facilitators and on-going CPD. 

Meriel co-created County of Sanctuary Pembrokeshire to provide trauma-informed social opportunities, community and activities for 200 men living in initial accommodation whilst seeking sanctuary in the UK awaiting their refugee status. As part of this humanitarian movement she designed and facilitated trauma-informed resources for volunteers mitigating against vicarious trauma within the community.


She is committed to offering Yoga to everyone but especially for traumatised people in sessions sensitive to their experience. 

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